Naga Jolokia

Naga Jolokia

Hello #chililovers! Today we are going to talk about one of our great favorites, the Naga Jolokia , a delicious, fruity and very spicy chili.

This chili is one of our reasons for being, as it was one of the first that we grew and pulverized, its flavor, its level of spiciness and its versatility made us so passionate about chilies to the point that we founded Chili INC.

Naga Jolokia is a chili from India, which has become popular worldwide due to its passage in the Guinness Book of Records and its wide use in ultra-spicy fast foods and very spicy sauces in which it is named Ghost. Pepper or ghost chili.

What does Naga Jolokia chili taste like?

The first thing you can perceive is its aroma of passion fruit, when you try it the experience is deceptive because it does not immediately sting on the tongue and you feel a sweet, slightly smoky and fruity flavor, then you think that it is not going to sting... then you swallow it and your throat stings, a strong and very back sting on your tongue that may make you cough a little, then you think that the experience is over, however, your tongue begins to heat up slowly and in a short time you feel that the entire Your tongue is burning and the center of your tongue is very itchy, your heat receptors are so activated that everything you continue to eat will be hot, the temperature of your head rises and you will probably sweat a little, but the release of endorphins is such that the only thing you will want to do is continue eating and enjoying this delicious and spicy chili.

Where is Naga Jolokia used?

This chili is widely used in Indian cuisine in curries, stews and rice dishes such as butter chicken curry , tandoori chicken , tikka massala (although it is not from India), among others.

It is also famous in American fast food dishes such as buffalo wings, pork ribs and fried chicken. And finally, in ultra-spicy sauces like Melinda's ghost pepper .

Butter Chicken

What is the Naga Jolokia like?

It is a medium-sized chili with a slightly elongated figure, its texture is smooth and shiny with an intense orange color reaching red. At Chili INC we select the best fruits so that their orange color is preserved and their flavor is transported to all the places where you want to take it.

Fun facts

It is also called Ghost pepper because Bhut means ghost in one of the many dialects spoken in India. Another curious fact is that Naga means cobra snake in Sanskrit and they named this chile that way because it is stealthy, it slowly releases its power until you realize that you are really enchilado, just like the cobra snake that attacks deadly without its prey discovering it. until it's too late.

In India and Bangladesh they impregnate it on the fences of houses so that elephants do not approach.

We invite you to try the Naga Jolokia from Chili INC and tell us what you think of this sensational chili. Remember that if you are running out of ideas you can find delicious recipes with which to use Naga Jolokia and all our chili peppers in our blog Cocina con Chili INC.

Chili INC for #chililovers!

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