Hello #chililovers! Today we are going to talk about the favorite chili from the Yucatan Peninsula, the Habanero , a fresh, floral, citrus and medium-high spicy chili.

This chili is one of the most famous in the world and since you are a #chililover you should try it as soon as possible, at Chili INC we like to use it in many foods, cocktails, tacos and beer.

Habanero chili powder

What does Habanero chili taste like?

The first thing you can perceive is its aroma of orange blossom (orange flower), when you try it it immediately begins to sting in the center of your tongue and in the back of your mouth including the throat, its flavor is citric, acidic with a sweet touch. The level of spiciness is high and by concentrating in the center of the tongue the sensitivity to heat is very high, making the sensation of spiciness greater when eating hot things.

Where is Habanero used?

As we said before, it is very popular in Mexican cuisine, so there are endless recipes that use habanero. In Mexican restaurants you will find it in toreado chiles, sauces, purees and fresh. Among the most popular recipes you can find cochinita pibil , green chilaquiles , enchiladas, shrimp aguachile, habanero margarita cocktail and all kinds of tacos.

In addition to the recipes, there are thousands of hot sauces that use Habanero, one of our favorites is the Yucateco sauce.

Mexican food

What is the Habanero like?

It is a medium-sized chili with a slightly elongated figure, its texture is smooth and shiny, it can be found in many colors such as orange, yellow, red, green, chocolate, white and peach (which is the one we use and the one you find in our deluxe edition ).

Fun facts

It is called Habanero after Havana, Cuba, as it was common to see it there in the markets at the time of the conquest, however Cuban gastronomy does not use this chili.

There are more than 10 varieties of habanero, varying their color, shape and level of spiciness.

We invite you to try the Habanero from Chili INC and tell us how you think of this sensational chili. Remember that if you are running out of ideas you can find delicious recipes with which to use the Habanero. and all our chilies on our blog Cocina con Chili INC.

Chili INC for #chililovers!

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