Thai Hot

Thai Hot

Hello #chililovers! This time we will talk about a chili from Thailand, a medium spicy chili, very fruity with an acidic touch, the Thai Hot.

This chili that we inaugurated with our Gratitude Edition , has become a sensation for its versatility in Asian dishes, being medium spicy it lends itself to many recipes and the food is simply spectacular.

What does Thai Hot chili taste like?

Its aroma is fresh, spring-like, when you try it it takes a while to release its spiciness and flavor, but it slowly concentrates on your tongue, very in the center of it, and when you swallow it also stings your throat. It is acidic with a sweet touch. The spiciness level is medium, the reaction is fast and the itching sensation also passes quickly.

Where is Thai Hot used?

It is a great favorite in Asian food, used in Thai curry paste, rice noodles, delicious soups like Tom Yum or Tom Kha Kai and a thousand other Thai recipes. In Thailand they usually eat a lot of spice, so it is common for Thai hot chili to be used every day. It is ideal for seafood, vegetarian dishes and pairs deliciously in preparations with coconut milk and peanuts.

What is Thai Hot like?

It is an elongated, thin chili with an intense orange color, its texture is smooth and shiny, the fruits are long and reach up to about 7 cm long.

We invite you to try Thai Hot from Chili INC and tell us how you think of this sensational chili. Remember that if you are running out of ideas you can find delicious recipes with which to use this and all our chilies on our blog Cocina con Chili INC.

Chili INC for #chililovers!

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