Hello #chililovers! Today we are going to talk about a very exotic chili, it is from the Amazon jungle and has a great flavor, aroma and level of spiciness, this week's chili is the Charapita .

The Charapita chili is a gastronomic gem that we discovered a few years ago and that left us impressed by its shape, flavor and character. This chili has been with us since the beginning and has always been a sensation, because its flavor is unlike any other, it is a different chili that will surprise you and give your meals a very special touch.

The Charapita chili is native to the Amazon rainforest, so you can find it in markets in Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Peru and Bolivia. However, its recognition has occurred mainly in Peru.

Chile Charapita

What does Charapita chili taste like?

Its aroma is strong and deep, very spicy, with notes of wood and caramel, the spicy sensation is concentrated on the tip of the tongue and throat, it has a sweet and spicy flavor. The spiciness level is medium, the reaction is fast and it stings for a long time.

Where is Charapita used?

Charapita is used in a variety of Peruvian cuisine dishes, ceviches, pickles, chaufa rice, among others.

It is also very common to find charapita in pickles and sauces such as ají de cocona, a very traditional mixture that is used as a dip in patacones and potatoes.

What is Charapita like?

It is a small, round chili of intense yellow color, its texture is smooth and shiny, the size of this chili is up to 1cm in diameter (very small) and it looks like corn kernels.

Fun facts

In some markets, Charapita is a very valuable spice, being categorized as the second most expensive spice in the world after Saffron.

We invite you to try the Charapita from Chili INC and tell us how you think of this sensational chili, remember that if you are short of ideas you can find delicious recipes with which to use this and all our chilies on our blog Cocina con Chili INC.

Chili INC for #chililovers!

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