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Trinity scorpion

Trinity scorpion

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Source: Trinidad and Tobago

Scoville Units: 1,500,000 SHU

Is it possible to combine Calypso music, the Caribbean and fruits in a single flavor? The answer is this chili pepper, because in it all these elements merge and it manages to transport you to a unique state. It is the second hottest in the world. It stings quickly, it is aggressive, you do not have to wait for its stinger to do the task in your mouth, this "Scorpion" will let you know what a good spicy is and if you take it to your table mixed in a sauce, or accompanying your Favorite food without a doubt you will get an unforgettable experience.

Contents: 10gr of Trinidad Scorpion chili powder, without additives or preservatives

Duration: 2 years


100% organic chili powder.

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Each jar contains 10g of dehydrated chili powder and has a height of 4.5cm. When the chili is dehydrated, it is reduced 10 times, so it is concentrated and stings so much, the consumption is little in each application and they will last a long time.

Instructions for use

Our chilies can be used as an ingredient or accompaniment, in any meal and with the amount you want to find the ideal level of spiciness.

On our blog you can find many ways to use them and on our Instagram page we constantly post ideas.

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