Tostada Caprese Picantica

Caprese Picantica Toast

When we are working and we want something delicious but small, light but tasty, we think about this type of dishes.

In fact, they are very common as montaditos, tapas or pinchos in Spain, it depends on whether you are in the north or south and they call them differently, but in essence they are the same, small bites of haute cuisine.

This transports us to the San Miguel market in Madrid, where we have pleased our palate, trying everything and drinking straws, if you haven't been it is a MUST GO.

Our version of this dish is to make pesto picantico with rocoto powder.

General ingredients

1 slice of rustic bread

Cherry tomatoes

Buffala boconccini

Salt and pepper

Olive oil

Pesto ingredients


Canned dried tomatoes


Rocoto Chili INC

Procedure for pesto

Put the ingredients in the processor until you have a uniform paste, taste and adjust flavors.

You can add ricotta or another nut that you like if you can't find pine nuts.

For the assembly

Heat the bread, put a layer of pesto, cut the tomatoes into quarters, put the cheese in pieces, season with salt and pepper to taste and plate.

Enjoy it with a beer 😊

Chili INC for #chililovers

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