Hello #chililovers! This time we will talk about our smoked chili, special for giving that rustic touch to dishes and which has become an essential part of our kitchen.

Chipotle is obtained by smoking the ripe Jalapeño chile, an ancient process that Mexicans have developed in their kitchens to preserve the chiles and that, in addition to preserving it, provides a very different and delicious flavor profile to these chiles. So much so that it is perhaps one of the chilies that has become most popular due to its versatility, which we can find in mayonnaise, hot sauces, preserves, alone and as we prefer it most in Chili INC powder.

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What does Chipotle chili taste like?

The first thing you can perceive is its smoky aroma, like when entering a wood-burning stove, a pleasant aroma that does not alert you to its spiciness. Then you try it and immediately confirm that deep, smoky flavor that fills your mouth, its flavor is earthy, with notes of wood, nuts and chocolate. It's a little sweet, sour and umami. Its spiciness is mild, concentrated mainly on the tongue but filling the mouth with sensations additional to the spiciness. The spiciness passes quickly and there is a pleasant sweet sensation in the mouth.

Where is Chipotle used?

Being Mexican, this chili is widely used in this cuisine, but its popularity in the world increases every day and we now find it in all types of presentations and dishes. In Mexico they use it in mole, enchiladas, chicken tinga, esquites, beans, chilaquiles and countless other applications, as it is one of their favorite chilis.

In Texmex food we find it in dishes such as chili con carne, nachos with chicken and chipotle, cheese dips, BBQ chipotle, among other delicacies.

One of the most popular chipotle-based products that we find everywhere is chipotle mayonnaise. If you have gone to an artisanal burger restaurant, you have probably been offered or eaten chipotle mayonnaise with chips. It is a delicious sauce and very easy to do.

What is Chipotle like?

As we mentioned, they are smoked chiles, so their color is very dark red, reaching black, their skin is already wrinkled and it is a medium-sized chile.

Sometimes you can also find it in a brown color due to the "meko" chipotle variation.

At Chili INC we powder the best chipotles, obtaining a burgundy color and a very special flavor.

Fun facts

Although Chipotle is produced throughout Mexico, the state of Chihuahua is the largest producer of Chipotle and is the most valued of all.

The term chipotle comes from xipoctli in Nahuatl, the native Mexican language.

We invite you to try Chili INC's Chipotle and tell us how you think of this sensational chili. Remember that if you are running out of ideas you can find delicious recipes with which to use Chipotle. and all our chilies on our blog Cocina con Chili INC.

Chili INC for #chililovers!

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